43 Inch Touch Digital Standee
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    Vendor: Cornea
    Type: Digital standee
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32 inch digital stande

4mm Toughen Glass

4mm tempered glass: durable, strong, safe for various applications.

digital standee

Moving Wheels

Moving wheels on a Digital standee increase its mobility, making it easy to move around without lifting it or damaging the surface underneath.

32 inch digital standee kiosk

Strong Matalic Body

Tough, metallic exterior built for durability and strength.

Easy to Installation

Easy installation saves time and effort for both the user and the provider. It allows the user to quickly start using the product or service, resulting in increased productivity

cornea 32 inch digital standee

loaded with all features

Having a device with all the necessary features like Bluetooth, WiFi, A+ Display panel, USB ports, Customize templates, and centralized management system allows for a more efficient and streamlined user experience. With Bluetooth and WiFi, users can easily connect their devices and access the internet without the need for additional cables or adapters. This saves time and makes it easier to use the device on the go. The ability to customize templates and have a centralized management system also provides more flexibility and control over how the device is used, making it easier to manage and maintain over time.

Product functions

  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Brand LED Screen
  • A+ Display panel
  • LED Backlight
digital standee kiosk

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