• Reinvent Hospitality for personalized comfort and luxury

    Captivating experience with Cornea's hospitality display solution

  • Reinvent Hospitality for personalized comfort and luxury

    Captivating experience with Cornea's hospitality display solution

  • In light of the new ways of the world, many hotels now offer flexible promotion options like extended stays beyond 24 hours or daytime reservations to accommodate remote work. Ensure a secure work environment while promptly sharing pertinent details in an open and straightforward manner.

  • Hotels have traditionally focused on meeting basic guest needs. However, today's travelers demand and anticipate a far more comprehensive experience. The vast majority of guests expect a fully customized, wide-ranging, and satisfying experience for the duration of their visit.

Cornea's unique and Hospitality display technology solutions are designed to improve guest comfort while maximizing hotel staff productivity.

Reinventing Hospitality for Personalized Comfort and Luxury

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Why Cornea?

  • Transforming Hospitality

    At Cornea, we're changing the game in hospitality technology. Our solutions are all about making guests feel comfortable and making life easier for hotel staff. From the moment you walk in to when you're relaxing in your room, our technology is there to make your experience special. We focus on making everything easy and personalized, so every guest feels like a VIP.

  • Hotel Operations Management

    From check-in to check-out, our comprehensive solution ensures a smooth and tailored experience for every guest. With Cornea, hotels can effortlessly manage room amenities, communicate important messages, and create immersive environments that leave a lasting impression. Our innovative technology empowers hotels to exceed guest expectations and stand out in today's competitive hospitality landscape.

  • Dining and Retail Fronts

    Promote sales and elevate the dining and shopping experience with digital signages. Capture guests' attention, showcase offerings, and guide them through a wonderful journey of culinary and retail exploration. With Cornea, you're not just selling products – you're creating memorable experiences that guests will cherish long after they leave your establishment.

  • Indoor Solutions

    Set the tone for a memorable stay. Impress and inspire guests from the moment they step into the lobby with interactive panels, digital signage, and touch screen standees. Create a lasting impact with a grand welcome. Keep guests informed and entertained with a customized digital interface that caters to their preferences. Provide guests with an interactive and personalized experience in their rooms using smart tablets and digital standees. Create a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere for guests.

  • Outdoor Solutions

    Enhance revenue and enrich the dining and shopping journey with ultimate digital signage and interactive displays. Engage guests, spotlight products, and facilitate a delightful voyage of culinary and retail discovery. Effortlessly oversee multiple facets of the hotel, delivering a tailored and immersive experience for guests. Simplify hotel operations with a unified platform encompassing wall mounts, Bluetooth speakers, wireless microphones, and digital displays.