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Cornea Interactive Flat Panel for Smart Classroom 

Upgrade your traditional whiteboard or projector based educational classroom's with Cornea's Interactive Flat Panel display.

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Why Cornea ?

We as an organization that prides itself to be deemed by our customers as a trusted and reliable manufacturer of quality products. We serve our customers with the highest integrity and values. Our Products include Televisions, Interactive Flat Panel, Digital Standee, Digital Kiosk, Digital Signage Solution and Customized Tablets. Our company is cultured around three pillars-Customers, employees, and Stakeholder values, which bring each one of us together. We believe in innovation that allows us to provide customized solutions to the growing needs of the people.
We believe in being "SMART"


1.  Perfect fit for Educational and Corporate industries.
2. Cornea smart interactive flat panel displays indulged with teaching tools that make learning fun.
3. Provided with 3 Years on site warranty on Interactive Flat Panel. 
4. Being a manufacturer of Interactive Flat Panel so we provide the best price in market.
5. Our delivery for the products is all over India and service is available with more than 17000+ Pin Codes.
6. We proudly announce ourself as Make In INDIA products.
7.  We serve Cornea as an OEM for Interactive Flat Panel Display.

Interactive whiteboard

20 Point Touch

Cornea IFP with windows OS

(Support Multiple OS)

Interactive whiteboard display

Canvas Annotation

touchscreen classroom technology

Available in sizes
55 inch to 98 inch

digital classroom solution

Zero Gap Bonding Technology 

interactive display system

Wireless Screen Cast

Cornea Smart Interactive Flat Panel Displays
for Smart Teachers and Students

Cornea Interactive flat panel display

Smart Panel for smart teachers

Old teaching methods are now upgraded to the new smart technology. Schools and teaching institutes have adopting new technology for new teaching-learning experience with. Cornea's Interactive Flat Panel. Which will enhance the teachers teaching experience with the smart panel.

Interactive Flat Panel price

Forefront technology for students

Cornea's Interactive flat panel will help students to learn the subjects in a fun way with the technologically equipped classrooms. It also helps students in better understanding of any concept or subject, helps the students to experience with visuals and help to store in their long time memory.

Interactive Flat Panel Display A Revolution to Educational Industry

interactive flat panel manufacturer

Increased Participation In Classroom

Cornea Interactive Flat Panel displays comes with all the smart technology which helps teachers to teach the students and interact with them in a better way. Two way communication with IFP will increase the understanding of any topic to student for a long time.

interactive flat panel display education

Add value to your Education

You can just add the value to your students life with smart education with the cornea's smart interactive flat panels which enhance the teachers productivity and increased understanding of students.

Upgrade Your Classroom 

interactive flat panel for education
Cornea Interactive Flat Panel display
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We are the original manufacturer of Smart LED TV, Interactive Flat panel Display, Digital Standee, Podium, Smart Tablet & Computer Kiosk

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