Why choose digital signage over traditional signage

One of the important decisions for a business to make is what medium should they opt for advertisement and communicating with their customers to meet their objectives. People tend to make use of signages that match the standards of their organization. Businesses are striving to move one step ahead of their competitors to maintain their foothold in the respective sector. The more modern an organization, the more advanced tool they might use. However, there exist some companies that maintain a balance between traditional and digital signage.

There is a great history of digital signages that you might want to have a look at. Please click on the click below to know how digital signages evolved with time.

Evolution of Digital Signage

Both traditional and digital signage have usage limitations. The outcome from digital signage is surely going to be higher than the traditional displays, but its deployment and ad running cost will be 10 times higher than that of print. But once the Signage is set up it will not require any type of service for years. Also, signages drive the sales process which overweighs the cost spent during the set-up process. Customer interaction is less with print media, and some companies prefer that. For eg - Organizations that provide direction signs in restaurants, roads, and malls would not need digital signages, these messages can be conveyed through simple static signboards.  

Evolution of digital signage

Signs can be seen everywhere, serving as a bridge between a brand and its consumers. From advertising a product through the digital display to providing a way to the restroom through a simple static sign. Some common examples of digital signages are Readerboards, Interactive Information Boards, Video Conferencing, Kiosks, Standees, and wayfinding signages. 

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9 Reasons to adopt digital display solution

I hope you got an idea about why it is important to adopt digital signage solutions for your business and its applications and scope.

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I hope you got an idea about what is digital signage, how it evolved with time, and its applications and scope. In this blog, I will help you choose which medium will be well suited to your business. Static signage included traditional billboards, on-site banners, pylon signs, and handmade signboards that have proved their worth to every business in the past decades.

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Traditional Signage v/s Digital Signage

Traditional signage takes a long time to enter readers' minds. It is harder to communicate everything you want on a small spaced board. The graphics on traditional signage boards are static. It can inform you with an important message. But that's about it. It cannot display products lists, services, offers or promotions. Whereas, Digital signages drive the attention of the passers by in one glanze. Digital Signage tools can deliver plenty of information in one go. Signages can simultaneously play multiple pages which allows customers to keep themselves informed about their favourite brands.

The primary drawback of traditional signage is that content once put up can never be changed, it can only be removed permanently. Digital signages on the other hand have inbuilt customized softwares. All the content is handled via content management system. You just need a few clicks and your content will be brand new. Businesses need to upgrade themselves with the advancements in technology. A business using outdated tools for marketing will certainly lag behind its competitors. Display signages come up with sleek designs, unlike traditional ones. Using aesthetic display solutions in your company will drive more traffic to your store.

Also, don't you think traditional signages take forever to set up? It takes a lot of time and effort to put up traditional signages everywhere.

With traditional signages, businesses won’t be able to recognize where their target audience lies and won't get instant feedback from the customers. With digital solutions, one can get instant customer feedback and their personal data for purposes like measuring performance and email marketing.To be very precise, I would like to explain the concept of signages with an example. We sometimes don’t need complicated signages. An arrow is enough to let people know the washroom directions or a static board will do good if you want to label the rest rooms or office corridors. Accordingly if you want to display menu boards in the restaurants, just signs or arrows will do no wonders to your business. A restaurant with great ambience, aesthetic surrounding and a tempting menu will only drive traffic if you consider using digital signage in your marketing.

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Digital signage has proven to be a methodical tool to survive in any business sector today. Traditional signage has served its purposes in the early years. Nevertheless, it is important for any brand to maintain a balance between traditional and digital signage. Organizations should realize when to invest in what to meet their business goals, build an emotional touch with their customers and meet their expectations. Cornea will be happy to advise you on the right size, brightness, technology, and application to find out which display meets the requirements for your company. I believe the above mentioned examples will give you a clear idea of which signage will be best suited for your business. Whichever you choose, we’re sure you’ll get an excellent service from cornea.


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