8 intelligent features of interactive panels for schools & offices. 

It takes a lot of effort to make your signage interactive and receptive to people. It is important to ensure that the person trying to interact with your interactive display should receive the solution he is looking for.

The Interactive display technology has a more widespread presence than any other display solution. Interactive digital signages are cheaper and can be seen as a must-have tool for communication in all the social spaces.

Investing in the right kind of Interactive display will not disappoint you in any way. Interactive Panels have been proved as the most effective medium to boost productivity and interest in people.

Right from informing the buyers about a product, promotions, advertising, meetings, wayfinding, Data representations, Project Presentations, Training students, conferences, Buying, selling everything has turned digital.

It all started when schools were introduced to interactive whiteboards for advanced learning. This was the time when technology was limited to IT Sectors and Laboratories.

 Interactive White Boards enabled teachers to interact in a finer way. Teachers were able to connect with their students in a more dynamic way. This approach provided a way to digital resources relevant to the curriculum.

Hospitals and healthcare clinics have adopted Interactive technology to enhance the patient service experience. The best way to provide training to medical students is through Interactive Panels. It can prove beneficial to develop an interest in complex subjects like human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.

There’s no doubt in the fact that with Interactive Solutions, people collaborate in a more interactive way. Interactive panel solutions are implemented by business sectors starting from architecture to telecommunications. Interactive solutions make it easy for employees to communicate ideas and make informed decisions.

Benefits of using Interactive digital signage solutions

Interactive displays for the Education Sector-

benefits of interactive digital signage solutions

Healthy learning environment for students-

 Students can end up a lot of time focused on individual activities. This can be good for self-growth but not for a classroom community. Interactive panels for classrooms can divert their attention and turn their mindset towards a community mindset. Interactive displays act as a central gathering point for all. Students can collaborate, share and exchange views on a topic, presentations, tricks. The use of modern teaching tools can create a common ground within the classroom. 

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Active learning and Interaction-

Making use of Digital Interactive solutions is likely to enhance Interactive Learning. Advancements in technology have turned boring classroom communications into smart, effective, creative, and fun learning experiences. Crystal clear visuals attract the attention of the students in a better way. Interactive touch screen displays can maximize effective feedback. 

Digital signage, Traditional signage, Digital boards

Facilitates teaching flow- 

With Interactive display panels, Teachers don’t need to recap everything taught in the last class. Interactive touch panels can display a summary with just one click. Students like to receive constant feedback on how they are performing in the class. Interactive panel software can test student knowledge and deliver their results quickly. Interactive panel discussions enable Parent meetings more often unlike traditional methods. This way parents can keep a track of what difficulties their child is facing. 

Digital signage, Traditional signage, Digital boards

Distance learning-

 If it was not for Interactive Panels, It would not be possible to continue teaching and learning during the pandemic. Students were able to experience a hybrid learning solution without compromising their safety. Adopting an Interactive Panel for education in India empowers critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. This modern tool for education also enables teachers to enjoy an uninterrupted teaching experience facilitating the design and culture of a school. 

Interactive Panels for corporate offices

Interactive panels for corporate offices

Extra engagement during office meetings-

Meetings seem boring if there is no engagement and enthusiasm in them. The primary goal of entering into a meeting room is equal participation from the people involved in it. According to a study, Interactive Displays are the most accurate tool to achieve this goal.

Do you want to purchase Digital interactive panel for your office ? 

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Consistent workflow-

Interactive flat panel displays allow employees to recall the status of how far they have come upon a particular project with just one click. Managers can review their team's progress and add reviews for the same. Interactive panels are capable of producing statistical data about a company’s work and efficiency. Since all the data is in digital form, it becomes easy to update the status of their projects. This is how Interactive displays help you with consistent workflow. 

interactive whiteboard display

Simplify communication and presentations-

Interactive Digital Signages enable two-way meetings that involve feedback. It lets employees participate equally in the discussions. Data stored in the Interactive boards are accessible to all and can be edited as per the meeting room discussions. Unlike traditional meetings where employees note down the important points, Interactive panels let you screenshot and share important information to the person in need. Interactive signage solutions come with brilliant features like screen-recording, capability to screenshot, edit and manage content anytime proven beneficial for business conferences. 

interactive learning solution

Adds aesthetic value to your workspace-

With its astonishing design and premium screen touch displays, Interactive flat panels can add aesthetic value to your workplace. Interactive screens are easily deployed and are cost-effective. Visuals displayed on the interactive digital signages are capable to attract the attention of passers-by. Making use of digital panels in your office can help clients remember your brand for a long time. 

Conclusion -

To be very precise, I would say Interactive Digital Signage Solutions are cost-effective and allow engagement and participation wherever they are set up. A high-quality display solution is essential for every sector because it empowers a technologically oriented nature and builds results across the organization. I hope the above-mentioned reasons are enough for you to switch to digital interactive solutions for your business and schools. If you are interested in learning more about which interactive display solution will be the best choice for your business, Cornea is here to help. Be sure to get in touch with us.


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