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What OLED vs QLED are redefining TV panels and colors?


Just like smartphones, there is a big battle going on the LED panel segment, with the most sought after being OLEDs and QLEDs.

Cornea is the forerunner of OLED technology and it supplies OLED panels to other TV manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, Philips, etc. Now, OLEDs are Organic Light Emitting Diode panel TVs that uses organic material that glows when electricity is passed through them. On the contrary conventional LED TV displays comprise of LCD screen that needs an LED backlight to make the colors visible. Now when we say LCD screen, it should not be confused with old LCD TVs which used much older technology which uses fluorescent backlight and not the LED. The most prominent difference between LED and OLED is that the OLED lights up individual pixels while the normal LED (non-OLED) displays light up the complete screen. This difference helps to get the real contrast because it’s possible to reproduce true blacks as they can be completely turned off. Also, it has the massive lead over conventional LEDs in terms of response time, because OLEDs are touted to be 1,000 times faster, implying there would be no discernible blur with fast-moving images. Following the footsteps of its Korean neighbor, Panasonic has launched OLED TVs in India this year.


To take on OLED Samsung has come up with its own QLED technology which sounds quite similar to the former. QLEDs are Quantum-dot LEDs which are nothing but microscopic molecules (nano-sized semiconductor crystals) when hit by the incident light would emit their own differently colored light. They possess good light-absorbing and emitting capacity which makes it a great choice for vibrant pictures and are also energy efficient. QLEDs can achieve the pinnacle of brightness with peak brightness being 1500 to 2000 nits. Samsung has released this QLED models in its latest Q series offerings.


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