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What is importance of Refresh rate in LED TV?

The video playing on a TV is actually a series of images which are displayed at a very high rate so that they appear to move and give our eyes a sensation of moving objects. So refresh rate determines how quickly the images are updated in one second (or are refreshed in one second) on the screen. If a TV has a high refresh rate, then it means that the moving of the images on the screen will be fast and smooth. In simple words, the video quality will be enhanced. (Please note that refresh rate is different from frame rate).

So if you primarily intend to watch high-action, fast-moving objects on your TV (like racing, or high graphics games) then you should go for a TV with a high refresh rate as the images would not get blurred. But if you want to watch regular stuff (like TV soaps, movies) then the standard refresh rate of 50 Hz would be sufficient for you.

Different manufacturers use different terminologies (in terms of mentioning the refresh rate) to promote their TVs. Some examples are LG Motion Clarity index, Samsung Clear Motion rate, Toshiba ClearScan, Sony Motion Flow and so on. In these patented technologies, the refresh rate that is mentioned is sometimes bloated. So a manufacturer can label their TV as having a refresh rate as high as 1000 Hz, but effectively the refresh rate is no more than 200 Hz.


Article credit: bijli bachao

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