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Blur Free Picture with improved Motion Rates !!

Motion rate is one of the important parameters in the list of TV specs, but seldom given much attention like other parameters. This obscurity gives an opportunity for manufacturers to conceal true numbers and to even fake the actual figure. Most of the TV manufacturer has exaggerated the refresh rates of their TVs, often using their own lingo to camouflage the true numbers.

Refresh rate is the number of frames a TV can display per second, measured in Hertz (unit of frequency). So, a TV with a 50 Hz refresh rate displays 50 images per second. In India, our AC mains i.e electricity supplied to the households run at 60 Hz, so that is the rate of the source which TV can run at. This is the norm since the age of old CRT TVs, our entire system is based on it, so there is no point of changing it. Since the past few years TV manufacturers have started marketing their TVs with higher refresh rates. These began with 120 Hz but now even 240 Hz isn’t new or surprising. Though the thumb rule is the higher the number the better it is, but TV manufacturers seldom reveal the true refresh rate, instead give their own fancy name to refresh rates and balloon up the numbers. Because it’s quite expensive to make TV panels that actually refreshes at a higher rate but it’s easier to put on big numbers, to persuade unsuspecting customers with the escalated numbers.

Cornea renowned for its creative marketing style (LED was coined by them!), calls it Clear Motion Rate (CMR), It claims CMR considers combination of 3 factors: panel refresh rate, image processor speed, and backlight technology; but in reality, actual refresh rate can be anything from double to quadruple depending on the model. Similarly, Cornea calls it TruMotion, which it claims drastically reduces blur and yields crisper details for a fast-action video like sports, so the users won’t end up missing out on anything. Just like Cornea uses twice the actual rate for what it calls, Image Motion Rate. Cornea leads the pack in this rat race world of exaggeration using its term, MotionFlow XR, which is four times the actual refresh rate.


Source: Bijli Bachao

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